Challenge #1

You are making video games!

Using Scratch it is easy to create your own games!

Now try out Scratch, select the category you want to compete in and lets get started!

Setup for challenge one: First you will need to try Scratch - go to their website here:

   - Consider signing up for an account with your parents and/or guardians help.

   - Try out some of their tutorials - the best way to learn is to experiment!

   - Make sure you know how to save and reload your projects - practice it and save often! (This link explains more:

For the first challenge we will be making video games in Scratch. Scratch is an easy to use programming language that we will be using a few times over the next 10 weeks! We will have three different categories you can compete in: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. We will have prizes for each category! Even if you have never tried Scratch before you can choose to compete in any of the categories.

Before we go any further: We will support you through demos, question and answer times, and by email. For video calls, demos, walk throughs, and question/answer sessions we will be using Zoom ( Before each event we will email out the information you need to connect.

All games will be evaluated on the following:

1. Complexity - how much did you add to your version of this game.

2. Originality - is there something unique about your game?

3. Playability - does the game work well?

4. Fun: is your game fun to play?

There will be two gift card prizes awarded in each category - a $50 for first place, $25 for second. Each challenge you complete will get you entered into a draw for our grand prize in June.

We Are Here to Help!

First Steps

The Challenge

Choose Your Difficulty Level


Q&A from Office Hours #1

1) How do I save my work?
There are two options: Online or Using the Offline Editor
Check out this tutorial for how to save online:

If you are using the offline editor, use the 'File' menu at the top left of the screen to navigate to the 'Save to your computer' option. Make sure to pick a good filename so that you can find your work easily at a later time.

2) How do I create animations?

There is a lot of example animations on the scratch website! Check out the tutorial pages found here:

As a quick start guide, experiment with the following project that was created during the office hours:

3) How do I create custom music?

You can record custom music and sound effects using the 'record' option in the drop-down menu of the 'start sound' block as shown below.


This will bring up the sound recording feature. You can use the microphone built into your computer or webcam. You can also adjust the start and stop of your recorded sound bite.


4) Can I create custom costumes?

Yes! It's easy to do while editing a sprite. Check out the tutorial here:

5) How can I put in background music?

The easiest way to do this is to put the music in the stage code. If you click on the active 'backdrop' in the 'stage' menu on the right-hand side of the screen, you can add sounds here that will apply when the background is active.

6) What do the sound blocks do?

The sound blocks let you play noises, sound effects, and music during your game! There are two main ones, 'start sound' and 'play sound until done'. They work slightly differently as the second one will wait for the sound to finish before moving on to the next block of code. The other blocks available in the sound section are modifiers, which you can use to change how a sound is played. This way, you can get the most out of one sound effect. Check out the sound wiki page for more information:

Office Hours #2

Check out the videos below for a full recording of the second office hours.