Challenge #4

Starting out with Micro:Bits

The Challenge

This week is part one of a game design challenge! This time we will be making a handheld game! The hardware we will be using is the BBC Micro:Bit ( and add-on boards. Don’t worry, it’s very close to scratch, and there will even be a chance to test out some JavaScript skills from challenge #3. We are mailing each one of you a micro:bit kit - so this week will be learning how to use it so you will be ready when it arrives.

Check out this intro video to the Micro:Bit:

Step 1

Learn about the Micro:Bit using the online emulator:

  • You can create games in your browser and test them while waiting for your micro:bit. Try it out at the link above and start experimenting!

  • Monday office hours we will be going over using the emulator - so try it out in advance, but plan to check out the Zoom meeting too.

Step 2

After office hours on Monday we will be sending out a game design worksheet. We will use this during the week to design games for different platforms. Here are the options for advanced game platforms:

There will be extra office hours this week if you want them - if you plan to try and use one of the more advanced platforms above plan to attend the office hours!

Before we go any further: We will support you through demos, question and answer times, and by email. For video calls, demos, walk throughs, and question/answer sessions we will be using Zoom ( Before each event we will email out the information you need to connect.

We Are Here to Help!

Office Hours Replay