Challenge #5

Micro:Bits Science and Tools

Game Design

Don't worry, we will be getting back to game design soon. We want to look at your games over the next week and make some suggestions before we come back to it next week. We are still using Micro:Bits, but this week is a bit different!

The Challenge

By now you should all have your Micro:Bits - if you don't, do not worry because you can still get started. If you are just signing up - also don't worry, we will get one mailed to you right away and you can still do the challenge online!

As I'm sure you have found out through your game design, the Micro:Bit has some interesting sensors on it. These sensors can be used as inputs to your game, but can also be used for other things. The challenge this week is to use the extra sensors on the Micro:Bit to make a measurement device or other tool! The Micro:Bit has a number of sensors and features built in:

  • Light Sensor

  • Buttons

  • Temperature Sensor

  • Compass

  • Accelerometer

  • Bluetooth Radio


Some of our ideas include:


  • Making a level (the kind that lets you know your picture is hung straight)

  • Making a temperature monitor

  • Logging something (how smooth is your car ride?)

  • Control something else (have any Bluetooth devices in your house?)


Week 4 prizes will include the game platform you were designing for. We will reach out to each of you and discuss your game by email once we look at your submissions. This week we will have prizes for:

  • Best multi-tool (uses the most features / programmed for multiple applications)

  • Most useful (solves a real problem)

  • Most infomercial ready (solves a problem no one really has, but looks cool doing it)

  • Best software (feedback, error messages, and easy to use? Oh my!)

Before we go any further: We will support you through demos, question and answer times, and by email. For video calls, demos, walk throughs, and question/answer sessions we will be using Zoom ( Before each event we will email out the information you need to connect.

We Are Here to Help!

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