Challenge #6

Electronic Art!

Two-Part Challenge!

Don't worry, we will be getting back to game design soon. This weeks challenge will have you design some artwork for your game, and we will provide more information about the Aurora College CubeSat project and have you design art for it that will be flown in space in 2022!

Part One: Low-Fi Game Artwork

Small screens are everywhere. Despite their size, they can pack a lot of information on them. This weeks challenge is to design single colour artwork and we will put it on a shirt for you! To do this you will need to create an account at's design space. The web only (no download version) is available here: . if it asked you to pick a machine type, choose 'Maker'.

We are still working out how you can best share your completed designs with us, and will give you a tutorial on Monday afternoon on using the tool. If you want to get started, sign up for an account and try it out.

Your shirt can be an advertisement for your game, a possible scene from your game, or something that would make someone want to play your game.

Due: Wednesday We are making these due Wednesday as we will be mailing your shirts out by the end of the week with your gaming platforms!

Part Two: CubeSat Artwork


We will send out details about this on Monday as well, but we want your original artwork for the Aurora College CubeSat project. In Wednesday's office hours we will provide details about the CubeSat project and the digital screen we are launching to space in 2022. We will share information on screen and ask that you create art of any kind to be displayed on it. The satellite will launch in 2022 and once launched you will get a picture of your image from space with the Earth in the background!

This week everyone is a winner! You will all get a custom shirt (designed by you) and your art will go to space!

Before we go any further: We will support you through demos, question and answer times, and by email. For video calls, demos, walk throughs, and question/answer sessions we will be using Zoom ( Before each event we will email out the information you need to connect.

We Are Here to Help!

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