Challenge #7

Game Design Finale


We have been delaying the game design long enough! We will be spending the next three weeks taking your game ideas to the next level.

Getting your Hands on the Hardware

Starting Monday (June 1st) we will be sending out the hardware for your game designs. This way, you can keep working on your game designs on the actual hardware that it will be played on. If you have any questions about which game platform you want to use, please email us!

One-on-One Help

If you run into problems creating and expanding your games, we will be available for one-on-one zoom sessions to help you! There will be a dedicated office hour session for each of the hardware options. This will help to set you up and hopefully avoid any frustrations when starting to build in each of these systems.

The Challenge

In Challenge #4, you worked on designing a game using a game design worksheet. Remember, you selected one of the three options for handheld consoles (Game ZAP - Micro:Bit, ArduBoy - Arduino, and MeowBit - Makecode Arcade). Your worksheet has the characters/sprites, inputs, outputs, and key mechanics that will work for your selected hardware. 


In this final challenge, you will have 3 weeks to take those worksheets and use them to build your game! You’ll be writing the code to get each of the behaviours outlined in your worksheet to actually work. Below, each of the game consoles is listed with their corresponding game editor.

MeowBit (Makecode Arcade)

Game Editor:

Game ZAP (Micro:Bit) 

Game Editor:


ArduBoy (Arduino)

Game Editor:

Before we go any further: We will support you through demos, question and answer times, and by email. For video calls, demos, walk throughs, and question/answer sessions we will be using Zoom ( Before each event we will email out the information you need to connect.

We Are Here to Help!

Office Hours Replay