Beginner - Breakout!

Breakout! Atari Game

First you might need to learn about the game you need to make. That's right - your homework starts with playing video games. Here is a link to a simple Breakout! game someone made in Scratch already. There are also lots of tutorials on making a Breakout! game for Scratch - so even if you have no idea how to get started, there is lots of guided tutorials available (try Google for others, but here are two: Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2.

Once you have a basic game created following one of these or another tutorial, start thinking about how you can make it unique? Some ideas you might try:

- Powerups that do different things coming out of the blocks.

- Custom designed graphics.

- Multiple levels.

- Levels with unique designs.

- Levels with different shaped walls or challenges!

Be inventive if you want your shot at the prize!